Nonfiction Books Edited



Donald  Bogle, Dorothy Dandridge (Amistad)

Lloyd Boston, Before You Put That On

Raquel Cepeda, Bird of Paradise (Atria)

Pearl Cleage, Things I Should Have Told My Daughter (Atria)

George Clinton with Ben Greenman, Brotha’s Be Yo George, Ain’t That Funkin Kinda Hard on You by Atria

Common,  One Day It’ll All Make Sense

Camille Cosby and Renee Poussaint, A Wealth of Wisdom

Miles Davis with Quincy Troupe, Miles: The Autobiography (Simon and Schuster)

Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis, Life Lit By Some Large Vision

James Gavin, Lena Horne (Atria)

*Reyna Grande, The Distance Between Us (fiction: Across 100 Mountains & Dancing with Butterflies

bell hooks

Kamoinge photographers, The Sweet Breathe of Life (Atria)

T.D. Jakes, Let it Go, Reposition Yourself, Before You Make Great Decisions (Atria)

Spike Lee, Spike Lee’s Gotta Have It; Mo Betta Blues & Do the Right Thing  (Fireside)

Gordon Parks, A Hungry Heart

Kevin Powell, The Black Male Handbook, The Education of Kevin Powell

Dash of Daring, Penelope Rowland (Atria)

Greg Tate, Flyboy in the Butter Milk (Fireside)

Mikki Taylor, Commander in Chic (Atria)

Susan L. Taylor, In the Spirit. (Amistad)

*Lori L. Tharps, Kinky Gazpacho

Sheila Weller, Girls Like Us (Atria)

Richard Williams with Bart Davis, Black & White: The Way I See It (Atria)

Beverly Johnson with Alison Samuels, The Face That Changed it All


Nana Ekua Brew Hammond, Powered Necklace

Lorene Cary, If Sons, Then Heirs

Maryse Conde, Story of the Cannibal Woman, Who Slashed Celanire’s Throat & Victoire

**Tananarive Due, My Soul to Take, Joplin’s Ghost, The Good House  with Steven Barnes, Devil’s Wake series.

Marcus Guillory, Red Now n Laters

Rashad Harrison, The Abduction of Smith and Smith, Our Man in the Dark

Amy Hill Hearth, Miss Dreamsville and the Collier Country Literary Society

Shannon Holmes, Bad Girlz

Walter Mosley, Five Easy Pieces

Jewell P. Rhodes

Gillian Royes, The Shad Series

Vickie Stringer, the Red series

Lalita Tademy, Citizens Creek

Wanjiku wa Ngugi, The Fall of Saints

*Blair Underwood, Casanegra Tennyson Hardwick series with Steven Barnes & Tananarive Due

Morowa Yejide, Time of the Locust

Carl Hancock Rux, Asphalt

Maria Helena Viramontes, Their Dogs Came with Them

Zane, The Other Side of the Pillow

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