Malaika Adero Author/Writer

A Black Woman Did That by Malaika Adero

Downtown Bookworks 2020

The Mother of Black Hollywood by Jenifer Lewis with Malaika Adero

Amistad/Harper Collins 2017

Speak, So You Can Speak Again by Dr. Lucy Hurston with Malaika Adero

Up South: Stories, Studies, and Letters of This Century’s African American Migrations

4 thoughts on “Malaika Adero Author/Writer

  1. Greetings,
    The book “Up South: Stories, Studies and Letters of This Century’s African-American Migrations” has been a resource guide for a project in Philadelphia entitled, “Journey to Sanctuary: The Story of the Second Great Migration of African American Southerners in Philadelphia.” Would Malaika Adero serve as an advisor on this project. I would like to discuss the project with her. I can be reached at or 404-374-7817. All the best, Julie Rainbow


  2. Hello, Malaika, how do I submit any work for literary agent representation and what are the fiction writings that you are currently accepting for representation?


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