cropped-homeslicewel-236x3002.jpgMalaika Adero

I’ve worked with writers, authors and publishers for more than three decades to develop, edit, produce and publish literature. Award winning and bestselling books have been the result of my work with extraordinary talents, some among the most famous and legendary men and women of our time.

My work history includes jobs in large corporations such as Simon & Schuster–where I worked for 18 years– and small publishers such as Amistad Press and Institute of the Black World (IBW) Press. I held executive positions, including Vice President and Senior Editor at Atria Books/Simon & Schuster. And, I worked in nearly every other job required to publish a book, i.e. in production, direct marketing, promotion and sales.

I now bring all of that experience, good practice and work ethic to this independent boutique firm providing consultation, management and services, entering. My associates and I can work with you from creative process through to publication, according to your needs, entering and exiting the process as you need. These associates are Adero’s Literary Tribe.

The Tribe

A group of trusted and accomplished professionals I’ve had the pleasure of working with over time. They edit, design, and promote and publish to the highest standard. These associates and I form the team necessary to making your project a success.